Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to Black

Well after having this color in my hair for the longest. I'm finally back to my natural hair color. Well I'm almost back to my original color. My hair is not naturally black but it is today lol. I kinda like the black hair. I think I'm mostly excited cause I can go back to getting my one colored weaves again so it can be more natural for me. I have applied any heat to my hair yet since I just colored and I'm more focused on making sure that my hair has enough moisturizer in it so my hair doesn't break off. I am not tryna walk around with a million different lengths of hair lookin crazy. 

I do plan on actually doing my usual "looks like a short cut but its not look" with it curled in the front..I think i will wear my hair like that for a little while until i figure out what i want to do officially. I might just give my hair a break from heat until end of may. Thats when i plan on getting a bomb weave for Black Bike Week. Still haven't figure out how i want to wear it. I think i want to do a color i have never done before like a blonde color with black..hmm i dont know when i figure out. I will definitely let you guys know..

Matter of Face..What do you guys think that i should do??

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BeatFaceBeauty Update

Hey My BeatFace Beauties

In January, I did A review for Ka'oir Cosmetics there has been a few changes in the names of the lipsticks and the company itself..i will repost that blog in the morning with the corrections.

Speaking on Lipsticks, I hope my beauties went out and purchased the new Nicki Minaj Viva Glam :) 
Review will be coming soon :) 


Its Not even My Birthday ;)

So next weekend will be my 20th birthday. No birthday would be complete without the perfect birthday makeup, hair and outfit. Im extremely excited and i still have yet to figure out what im going to do. thats definitely most important. Im thinking color blocking with a skirt or some pants. Next week i will post pictures of my ideas!!


Fashion Week :: The Best of the Best :)

What were some of your favorites?? :) 

My thoughts will be posted soon :) 

I also will be doing Mercedes Benz Fashoin Week : Fall 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spice it up Baby

BeatFace Beauties is about to get a little more interesting :) 

Another Review of Some More Creme of Nature with Argon Oil from Morocco

Hello My BeatFace Beauties :) 

A few posts ago, i did a review of the Shampoo and Conditioner from Creme of Nature. Today I purchased the Oil Moisturizer and also the Oil sheen. Both products were $4.99. I ultimately went in the Beauty Supply to Buy some more shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, the order does not come in until Wednesday but that didn't stop me from trying the other products from the line. I knew one thing, i was not going to wait till Wednesday because i have a job interview tomorrow. I just knew I need to to do something to my hair because for the past few days I have been neglecting my hair and I feel like that is not something i need to do because my hair is pretty much at my natural state but i am still dealing with an inch left of relaxed ends. My mom and sister keep telling me to let that inch go but yea ill get rid of it when i am ready..hmmmmph *snaps fingers and does a hair flip  :) 

My Thoughts

So I washed my hair with the small amount I had left of my shampoo and conditioner. Ladies when i tell you i made that little amount stretch. I had all my fingers in that bottle trying to get it. I even did the put a lil bit of water in it, swirling it around, and pouring it on my head lol. So i washed it blah, blah, blah lol and then i applied the Oil Moisturizer. It feels like a regular moisturizer. It smells amazing just like the other products. I basically just sectioned my hair into sections and applied it like that. One thing about this product is that a little goes a long way. I kind of feel like i put a little to much in my hair. I don't mind for the simple fact that my hair needed the extra moisturizer because it has been dry these past few days. After I moisturized, I let my hair dry and then i blow dried it just to make sure my hair was dry. I then flat ironed it. 

I honestly feel like if i was to have had a pack or two of Remy Hair on my head that my hair would blend in perfectly. My hair is extremely soft and is silky. My hair looks healthy, i mean it is, but i can tell from how my hair was before to what it looked like now. I should have took a picture of my hair before but yea i didn't think to do that lol :) 

I wrapped my hair and sprayed some Oil Sheen and we will see how it looks in the morning. I will post pics in the morning :) 


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey My BeatFaceBeauties :)

I'm sorry if i have been a little slow about my blog posts..I been a lil lazy :)

In a few days, probably Monday. I will post a few blogs about Mercedes Benz  Fashion Week for the Fall 2012 Collections and a few of my favorite collections of Spring 2012 collections also..

I will definitely start doing actual tutorials whether it be on myself or someone trying to get things together for that

Well im just checking in and letting you know whats coming :)

Smoke Me Out Baby :)

How to Create the Look :)

For this look you need 3 complimentary colors and a base color. For this look, i used a light brown, medium brown and black. For my base color, I used this Sandy looking color. All the colors I used are from my E.L.F Palette, the Natural Colors. I marked the spots along with numbers so you can follow the steps if that makes sense lol :)

  1. I applied an Eye Shadow Primer by NYX Cosmetics in Skintone all over my eye and lower water line. I then took the Sandy Color and applied that all over my eye lid as the base
  2. I next took the medium brown color and in the crease of your eye blend the blend the color out  going towards the tear duct and out but never going past the end of your browns. Imagine it as a coloring book, you want to keep everything in the lines. I took the light brown and blended it in with the medium brown to soften the edges. You don't want any harsh lines. Use this step to make it more perfect.
  3. Apply the Black and applied in a V shape from lash line going up slightly into the crease and blend it out all the way
  4. Add the same color you used as the base and use it as a highlight under your brow.
  5. Add your eyeliner. For this look i decided to use a blue eye colored which is just a blue eye shadow applied with an E.L.F Essential Concealer Brush on my waterline.
  6. Apply a generous amount of Mascara and Apply False Eye Lashes which is Optional and the look is complete

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Video :)

The Beauty Basics: Foundation, Concealer, and Powder OH MY!! :)

The Right Foundation

  • Consistency, Cover, and Feel are extremely important
  • Matte Foundations must be matte and do not leave a shine or dewy finish. Matte Foundations must last all day and are perfect for those with oily skin.
  • Moisturizing Foundations must contain ingredients that can moisturize without being too slick or cause spotty coverage.
  • Foundations with sunscreen must have at least SPF 15 or more
I personally do not use foundation simply because i really dont care for foundation.

 The Right Concealer

  • Concealers should never be a shade of orange, peach, pink, rose, green, or ash. Concealers should not slip in the creases of eye.
 I love concealer and I use it all the time. The concealer I use now is by MAC. It is called Studio Finish SPF 35 concealer in the shade of NC42 and NC45. I use to different ones. NC42 is for my under eye and lid.. NC45 is for my dark spots I have on my face from Acne Scarring. This Concealer is great for full coverage and my absolutely favorite. I paid $17 for each.

The Right Powder
  • Two Basic Forms : pressed or loose
I love powder because it gives me a full coverage and also helps to set my concealer so it won't move. The Pressed Powder that I currently use is also by MAC and it is called Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I love this powder also because a little goes a long way. The powder is matte and    and the finish is beautiful. Flawless :)

Bath Time = Body Time :)

I was in the library the other day reading Lonnice Brittenum Bonner’s The Kitchen Beautician and I found some very interesting things that you can add to your bathwater to make it more interesting. After a long day of work, class, or a serious workout in the gym, it feels good to take a warm bath and listen to Pandora. I feel like taking a relaxing bath is the perfect way to reflect on the day and have some quality me time. 

·        Interesting Fact: I found out that it is better for your body to take warm baths compared to hot baths. Hot water can damage capillaries, which contributes to spider veins. Hot water can also dry out your skin and make you dizzy. I don’t think being dizzy is great when you are trying to relax.

Bath Additives
  • Sea Salt: Conditions skin; add 3 cups to warm water
  • Oatmeal: considered a Natural Cleanser; softens and soothes irritated skin. Add a cup of colloidal oatmeal such as Aveeno or finely grounded oatmeal to warm water.
  • Milk: This doesn’t mean going to your refrigerator and pouring a half gallon jug of milk into your bath tub lol. Milk is used as a skin softener. Add 1 or 2 packs of dried milk to warm water.
  • Rice Wine: eliminates toxins and tones skin; purchase a cheap bottle of rice wine and add the whole bottle to warm water.
  • Fresh Rose Petals: Not just for Valentine’s Day; the petals are fragrant and soothing to dry skin.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eyebrows Baby!!!

My Eyebrows honestly have a mind of their own. The most annoying thing to do while putting on my face is my eyebrows. When I think about it, that is what take me the longest. I compare my eye process to performing surgery, one wrong stroke and I pretty much have to start over. 

Tips and Tricks :)

  1. The Perfect Brush : I think the best brush to use is an angled eyeliner brush. Even though i think that is the best I had to resort to another brush because i lost the one i had :( soooooooo i use a Concealer brush by E.L.F Cosmetics. When i purchased the brush, i thought it was going to be bigger but it brush is actually smaller. Using that brush for that purpose would have made my makeup process a little longer so i just use it for my eye brows and it does the trick perfectly. I don't use an eye brow pencil or an eye brow gel. I actual use a cream brown eyeliner. I like using that because I can easily blend the eyeliner which darkens and fills in the empty spaces perfectly. I noticed that eyebrows are like fraternal twins. They both have that certain quality but at the end of the day they are not the same. 
  2. Eye Liner vs. Brow liner : I like to use eye liner in a brown simply because i can never find a brow pencil color that satisfies my preferences. My eyebrows are already light and some of the pencils just don't help or as dark as i want it. Maybe its the brand i been using *shrugs
  3. DONT BE HEAVY HANDED!!! You should never feel that you have to apply heavy and dark strokes...I hate to say it but it may look good to you but if your eyebrows are to heavy and dark it is actually distracting. You can have the most amazingly beautiful, perfectly blended eye makeup but you rocking your mommy dearest eyebrows.Not sexy!!
  4. DONT CREATE A NEW EYEBROW SHAPE. Your eyebrows do no need to look like horizontal parenthesis, horizontal lines, or overly exaggerated arches. We are not trying to draw shapes on your face. This is not Kindergarten Art Class. Stop It!!! Stop shaving your eyebrows and drawing thin lines. smh nooooooooooo
Ladies lets put an end to crazy eyebrows. Take your time. This is your face. The first impression before you even open your mouth. You want people to interested in your conversation not what shape are your eyebrows or why you decided to use a sharpie. :)  

Stay Beautiful Divas :)  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Review of Creme of Nature Argon Oil from Morocco Products :)

I didn't think that I would go off the subject of Make Up and go into Hair Care. I dont think it would hurt to expand into that every now and then right :) 

My hair type is fine and its not too thick or too thin. I am also transitioning into natural. So I'm still dealing with the   two types of textures. I have only and inch left of relaxed ends and I'm holding on until I'm ready to cut them off lol. The thing i struggle most when it comes to my hair is sometimes different products can weigh my hair down or makes my hair feel sticky in a way. My hair doesn't need too much product or any type of oils.
Just a picture of what my hair looks like 

I'm the type of girl that goes into a beauty supply store and come out with what i needed and a million other things lol. Recently i went in looking for a shampoo and conditioner. Lately, my scalp has been extremely dry and the products I normally use was not working at all.. I was ultimately getting mad with my hair.  I'm not afraid to try anything different for my hair but I don't like to change products too much. It just helps me keep up with what i use just in case something cause damage to my hair.  So wandering around the store i found this:

Here are a few things about it that I liked. I purchased the Shampoo, Intensive Conditioner, and Leave In Conditioner

  1. Smell : I swear I am the weirdest person when it comes to the smell of things especially if its going in my hair. When I got home, I realized that I did not smell it before I left for the simple fact that it could have a disgusting. Here I go taken chances. Luckily, I actually enjoy the smell of the product. It smells like something sweet like no particular food but just a sweet fragrance and what i noticed or what i felt like is that the products once you used them built the smell up. I really liked that. 
  2. Product: This sounds crazy but the product actually feels smooth. A little ultimately goes a long way. I'm not even going to lie and say that a dime size is going to work lol but you don't need to use half of the bottle either lol. 
  3. Price : I paid $4.99 for each bottle and of course that had other products but i knew one thing i wasn't going to take that chance and buying the whole product line but now I wish I did. I do remember that one of the products was 7 something but i kinda put that down fast lol. 
  4. The outcome : My hair is incredibly soft and it smells amazing. I flat ironed my hair today and my hair is extremely light. There is no product built up . The only thing that i put on my hair was Organix Split Control ( can't think of the name at the moment). As far as any extra moisturizer, none. 
  5. Hair Types: My sister tried it last night and her hair is a lot thicker than me and her hair feels great and she has not used any product that I know of.