Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Review of Creme of Nature Argon Oil from Morocco Products :)

I didn't think that I would go off the subject of Make Up and go into Hair Care. I dont think it would hurt to expand into that every now and then right :) 

My hair type is fine and its not too thick or too thin. I am also transitioning into natural. So I'm still dealing with the   two types of textures. I have only and inch left of relaxed ends and I'm holding on until I'm ready to cut them off lol. The thing i struggle most when it comes to my hair is sometimes different products can weigh my hair down or makes my hair feel sticky in a way. My hair doesn't need too much product or any type of oils.
Just a picture of what my hair looks like 

I'm the type of girl that goes into a beauty supply store and come out with what i needed and a million other things lol. Recently i went in looking for a shampoo and conditioner. Lately, my scalp has been extremely dry and the products I normally use was not working at all.. I was ultimately getting mad with my hair.  I'm not afraid to try anything different for my hair but I don't like to change products too much. It just helps me keep up with what i use just in case something cause damage to my hair.  So wandering around the store i found this:

Here are a few things about it that I liked. I purchased the Shampoo, Intensive Conditioner, and Leave In Conditioner

  1. Smell : I swear I am the weirdest person when it comes to the smell of things especially if its going in my hair. When I got home, I realized that I did not smell it before I left for the simple fact that it could have a disgusting. Here I go taken chances. Luckily, I actually enjoy the smell of the product. It smells like something sweet like no particular food but just a sweet fragrance and what i noticed or what i felt like is that the products once you used them built the smell up. I really liked that. 
  2. Product: This sounds crazy but the product actually feels smooth. A little ultimately goes a long way. I'm not even going to lie and say that a dime size is going to work lol but you don't need to use half of the bottle either lol. 
  3. Price : I paid $4.99 for each bottle and of course that had other products but i knew one thing i wasn't going to take that chance and buying the whole product line but now I wish I did. I do remember that one of the products was 7 something but i kinda put that down fast lol. 
  4. The outcome : My hair is incredibly soft and it smells amazing. I flat ironed my hair today and my hair is extremely light. There is no product built up . The only thing that i put on my hair was Organix Split Control ( can't think of the name at the moment). As far as any extra moisturizer, none. 
  5. Hair Types: My sister tried it last night and her hair is a lot thicker than me and her hair feels great and she has not used any product that I know of.

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