Saturday, February 18, 2012

Smoke Me Out Baby :)

How to Create the Look :)

For this look you need 3 complimentary colors and a base color. For this look, i used a light brown, medium brown and black. For my base color, I used this Sandy looking color. All the colors I used are from my E.L.F Palette, the Natural Colors. I marked the spots along with numbers so you can follow the steps if that makes sense lol :)

  1. I applied an Eye Shadow Primer by NYX Cosmetics in Skintone all over my eye and lower water line. I then took the Sandy Color and applied that all over my eye lid as the base
  2. I next took the medium brown color and in the crease of your eye blend the blend the color out  going towards the tear duct and out but never going past the end of your browns. Imagine it as a coloring book, you want to keep everything in the lines. I took the light brown and blended it in with the medium brown to soften the edges. You don't want any harsh lines. Use this step to make it more perfect.
  3. Apply the Black and applied in a V shape from lash line going up slightly into the crease and blend it out all the way
  4. Add the same color you used as the base and use it as a highlight under your brow.
  5. Add your eyeliner. For this look i decided to use a blue eye colored which is just a blue eye shadow applied with an E.L.F Essential Concealer Brush on my waterline.
  6. Apply a generous amount of Mascara and Apply False Eye Lashes which is Optional and the look is complete

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