Monday, March 19, 2012

The Neglect :(

So I haven't made a Post since the beginning of the month.. SMH neglect is not the word to describe..April i plan on doing a few makeup, clothing, and hair hauls lol yes hair..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Beauty of Simplicity

Fashion is of course a way of expressing yourself. But how you express yourself can turn out for the good or bad. When you keep it simple, it can give you a fresh look and be extremely trendy. 

Keep it Simple

Every woman should have different pieces in their closet that can be layered such as tank tops, cardigans, or blouses. Here are a few pieces that I think would be for the Spring/Summer :)

Here is an idea of what i mean 

I found this dress on the website What I love about this dress is the color. I feel like this yellow looks amazing on all shades that women come in. The brush stroke pattern on the dress adds a little playfulness and edge to beautifully simple dress. The dress is made to be flattering to a woman with curves. You could pair this with a blazer, black tights and black pumps. If you want to add more color, i would wear this with a turquoise skinny belt and turquoise accented jewelry for a fun flare. I love this dress and is in my cart right now :) 

BeatFaceBeauty of the Month !!!

Tyara Kirkman 
A Sophomore at University of North Carolina- Greensboro in Greensboro, NC. She is a Journalism Student minoring in Fashion Merchandising. Fashionista describes this lovely lady. A woman who speaks her mind and is also the voice behind T-Talk. A weekly YouTube channel that discusses the wild and craziness of Basketball Wives in a tasteful matter.  A beatface beauty doing amazing things. Stay Beautiful :)

Her YouTube Channel is


So in January, I did a review on the product line and i listed the different lipsticks. The names have changed so im gonna quickly put the new names up. 

Keyshia Dior = Keyshia Kaoir
14k = Golden Goddess 
Sade-Racquel = Racquel
Dior Doll = Kaoir Doll

The Website is still the same and so is the twitter name.