Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eyebrows Baby!!!

My Eyebrows honestly have a mind of their own. The most annoying thing to do while putting on my face is my eyebrows. When I think about it, that is what take me the longest. I compare my eye process to performing surgery, one wrong stroke and I pretty much have to start over. 

Tips and Tricks :)

  1. The Perfect Brush : I think the best brush to use is an angled eyeliner brush. Even though i think that is the best I had to resort to another brush because i lost the one i had :( soooooooo i use a Concealer brush by E.L.F Cosmetics. When i purchased the brush, i thought it was going to be bigger but it brush is actually smaller. Using that brush for that purpose would have made my makeup process a little longer so i just use it for my eye brows and it does the trick perfectly. I don't use an eye brow pencil or an eye brow gel. I actual use a cream brown eyeliner. I like using that because I can easily blend the eyeliner which darkens and fills in the empty spaces perfectly. I noticed that eyebrows are like fraternal twins. They both have that certain quality but at the end of the day they are not the same. 
  2. Eye Liner vs. Brow liner : I like to use eye liner in a brown simply because i can never find a brow pencil color that satisfies my preferences. My eyebrows are already light and some of the pencils just don't help or as dark as i want it. Maybe its the brand i been using *shrugs
  3. DONT BE HEAVY HANDED!!! You should never feel that you have to apply heavy and dark strokes...I hate to say it but it may look good to you but if your eyebrows are to heavy and dark it is actually distracting. You can have the most amazingly beautiful, perfectly blended eye makeup but you rocking your mommy dearest eyebrows.Not sexy!!
  4. DONT CREATE A NEW EYEBROW SHAPE. Your eyebrows do no need to look like horizontal parenthesis, horizontal lines, or overly exaggerated arches. We are not trying to draw shapes on your face. This is not Kindergarten Art Class. Stop It!!! Stop shaving your eyebrows and drawing thin lines. smh nooooooooooo
Ladies lets put an end to crazy eyebrows. Take your time. This is your face. The first impression before you even open your mouth. You want people to interested in your conversation not what shape are your eyebrows or why you decided to use a sharpie. :)  

Stay Beautiful Divas :)  

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