Monday, February 13, 2012

The Beauty Basics: Foundation, Concealer, and Powder OH MY!! :)

The Right Foundation

  • Consistency, Cover, and Feel are extremely important
  • Matte Foundations must be matte and do not leave a shine or dewy finish. Matte Foundations must last all day and are perfect for those with oily skin.
  • Moisturizing Foundations must contain ingredients that can moisturize without being too slick or cause spotty coverage.
  • Foundations with sunscreen must have at least SPF 15 or more
I personally do not use foundation simply because i really dont care for foundation.

 The Right Concealer

  • Concealers should never be a shade of orange, peach, pink, rose, green, or ash. Concealers should not slip in the creases of eye.
 I love concealer and I use it all the time. The concealer I use now is by MAC. It is called Studio Finish SPF 35 concealer in the shade of NC42 and NC45. I use to different ones. NC42 is for my under eye and lid.. NC45 is for my dark spots I have on my face from Acne Scarring. This Concealer is great for full coverage and my absolutely favorite. I paid $17 for each.

The Right Powder
  • Two Basic Forms : pressed or loose
I love powder because it gives me a full coverage and also helps to set my concealer so it won't move. The Pressed Powder that I currently use is also by MAC and it is called Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I love this powder also because a little goes a long way. The powder is matte and    and the finish is beautiful. Flawless :)

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