Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Review of Some More Creme of Nature with Argon Oil from Morocco

Hello My BeatFace Beauties :) 

A few posts ago, i did a review of the Shampoo and Conditioner from Creme of Nature. Today I purchased the Oil Moisturizer and also the Oil sheen. Both products were $4.99. I ultimately went in the Beauty Supply to Buy some more shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, the order does not come in until Wednesday but that didn't stop me from trying the other products from the line. I knew one thing, i was not going to wait till Wednesday because i have a job interview tomorrow. I just knew I need to to do something to my hair because for the past few days I have been neglecting my hair and I feel like that is not something i need to do because my hair is pretty much at my natural state but i am still dealing with an inch left of relaxed ends. My mom and sister keep telling me to let that inch go but yea ill get rid of it when i am ready..hmmmmph *snaps fingers and does a hair flip  :) 

My Thoughts

So I washed my hair with the small amount I had left of my shampoo and conditioner. Ladies when i tell you i made that little amount stretch. I had all my fingers in that bottle trying to get it. I even did the put a lil bit of water in it, swirling it around, and pouring it on my head lol. So i washed it blah, blah, blah lol and then i applied the Oil Moisturizer. It feels like a regular moisturizer. It smells amazing just like the other products. I basically just sectioned my hair into sections and applied it like that. One thing about this product is that a little goes a long way. I kind of feel like i put a little to much in my hair. I don't mind for the simple fact that my hair needed the extra moisturizer because it has been dry these past few days. After I moisturized, I let my hair dry and then i blow dried it just to make sure my hair was dry. I then flat ironed it. 

I honestly feel like if i was to have had a pack or two of Remy Hair on my head that my hair would blend in perfectly. My hair is extremely soft and is silky. My hair looks healthy, i mean it is, but i can tell from how my hair was before to what it looked like now. I should have took a picture of my hair before but yea i didn't think to do that lol :) 

I wrapped my hair and sprayed some Oil Sheen and we will see how it looks in the morning. I will post pics in the morning :) 


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