Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to Black

Well after having this color in my hair for the longest. I'm finally back to my natural hair color. Well I'm almost back to my original color. My hair is not naturally black but it is today lol. I kinda like the black hair. I think I'm mostly excited cause I can go back to getting my one colored weaves again so it can be more natural for me. I have applied any heat to my hair yet since I just colored and I'm more focused on making sure that my hair has enough moisturizer in it so my hair doesn't break off. I am not tryna walk around with a million different lengths of hair lookin crazy. 

I do plan on actually doing my usual "looks like a short cut but its not look" with it curled in the front..I think i will wear my hair like that for a little while until i figure out what i want to do officially. I might just give my hair a break from heat until end of may. Thats when i plan on getting a bomb weave for Black Bike Week. Still haven't figure out how i want to wear it. I think i want to do a color i have never done before like a blonde color with black..hmm i dont know when i figure out. I will definitely let you guys know..

Matter of Face..What do you guys think that i should do??

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