Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lashes I Do Adore

Lets just say that i have a Love/Hate relationship when it comes to my eyelashes. Some days they look amazing and some days they are the most depressing things on my face. I think thats why i am so obsessed with false lashes. Choosing the right type of false eyelashes is very important because there are so many different types. Some Lashes are extremely long and some are natural looking. Some lashes have a black band some have a clear band.

Here are two examples :
This is an example of a clear band.  This has got be my favorite but i will explain why later.  

This is an example of the black band. Most eyelashes are made this way.
I personally prefer to use the clear band especially for every day. The clear band eyelashes are my favorite because they give me the most natural look. Some days I don't feel like putting on my face completely but i just want my eyes to pop. My eye lashes aren't as long as I want them to be and with lashes it always helps  me with the look I am going for. I don"t have a problem with using the eye lashes with the darker band but i sometimes come across a pair that are kinda on the stiff side and makes it feel like my eye is heavy because the band is so thick. I don't to blink and feel my eyelashes. All that does is make me mad and wanna take them off in the middle of the club lol.

Practice makes perfect when applying false eyelashes. Its not something that should be rushed especially if its your first time putting them on. So waking up late, knowing you should have been up an hour ago, and only got 20 minutes to brush your teeth, take a shower, and to find something to wear. That is not a time to fight to try and put them on because that will only end in a disaster with lash glue all over your eye and eye lashes on your lid not lash line. When buying glue for Lashes, there are two brands that i like a lot. The first brand is called DUO Eyelash Adhesive. It comes in two colors, white and black. The white glue dries clear and the black glue dries black. What i love about the glue is that the hold is amazing and honestly lasts all day. I don't have to reapply it or anything. I usually use the white glue cause i like that it dries clear especially if I am wearing eyelashes without any eyeliner. Another brand, I like is Lash Grip and it normally comes with Ardell Lashes ( my favorite eye lashes and they are 100% human hair) . This glue is also white but dries clear.

  DO NOT USE HAIR GLUE FOR EYELASHES. THAT IS NOT SAFE FOR YOUR EYELASHES AND IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE ON YOUR EYES.  You may think "well my eyelashes is hair" you right but your eye lid and scalp are two different things. Your eyes are sensitive and you do not want hair glue in your eye and the removal of eye lashes with hair glue will take out your eyelashes out.

Good Luck with your False Eyelash Experince

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